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Wondering How You Can Sell Your Miles and Points Without Violating User Agreements? We Have All Your Answers

sell airline miles

There are so many people out there who have accumulated thousands of airline miles and hoping to sell them. The only holding them is violating airlines user agreements. They’re so many things to keep in mind when you’re planning on selling your airline miles, like the IRS and the airline for example. For those thinking how I can sell my miles and points without violating user agreements, we have all your unanswered questions.


1. Can You Sell Airline Miles?


Is it legal to sell airline miles? The short answer to this question is yes, it is not against the law anywhere except Utah. There are countless internet brokers who are willing to do both sell and buy miles from potential customers. The airlines are aware that their frequent flyer miles are being traded around for cash. What does it mean for the trader? Well, the process of selling and buying frequent flyer miles is easy. The airline user agreement says as long as the member doesn’t come under suspicion of the airline he is fine.


2. How Do Airlines Detect People Who Sell And Buy Miles


So you still want to sell your miles and don’t want to come under the radar of the airline? The easiest thing to do is hire an online broker. It is safe and it’ll get the job done. For this you’ll have to give the broker your contact details, along with the number of points that you’re willing to buy or sell. If you’re buying the points then you have to give him the additional information of your preferred travel dates and service class. Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax and let the broker do his job. He will connect you to a seller or a buyer (depending on what you’re looking for). If you’re buying the miles you will pay the broker and the seller will transfer the miles to your account. If you’re selling them then you have to do the reverse.


3. The Alternative To Selling and Buying Miles


Even though selling and buying airline miles is technically not against airline policy, they do encourage their members to share their points with family and friends without making any profit. Sharing airline miles between friends and family is a great way to keep your miles active. You have to make sure they’re not wasted. If you’re not using them toward your next trip and don’t foresee using them at all, then I highly recommend passing them on to someone you know. Some major airlines have started giving 100% bonus on sharing miles. During such promotions, members have been known to receive up to 50,000 bonus miles. Sharing miles with similar promotions means that members are creating miles for about 1.1 cents. US Airways and American Airlines have been actively coming out with similar promotions for their members, encouraging them to share their miles.



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