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The Easiest Way To Sell ANA Airline Miles

Selling miles has become very popular in the United States these days. If you’re wondering why, the reason behind its popularity is making easy cash. A vast majority of people in the States have credit cards and through them they earn a lot of points. Major credit card companies give the option of converting points into airline miles. Card holders get the opportunity to collect airline miles with every purchase that they make. In the last couple of years airlines, hotels and credit card companies partnered together and released travel credit cards as well. With so many opportunities to earn airline miles, what do you do when you don’t foresee yourself using them towards a trip? If you’re in the market to sell ANA airline miles then have no fear. Our guide will take you through all the steps.

1. What Is The Value Of Your Miles?

The price or the value of airline miles varies depending on the airline they’re from. The fluctuation in the price is due to the demand in the market and the value of the airline’s loyalty program. For example, American Airlines sell their miles for 2.5 to 2.75 cents per mile, and on the other hand Delta sells theirs for 3.5 cents.

If you’re in the mood to sell ANA airline miles and are unsure of their real value, you can check that online. Most mileage broker websites have a free quote calculator on their home page. Visitors or potential clients can easily check the value of their miles without any additional cost. In order to get a good deal, we recommend that you calculate the price of your ANA miles on different mileage broker websites, and then pick the one that will buy them at the best price.

You’ll be required to enter the number of your miles, the airline and the expiry date. Once the required data is entered, the calculator will do all the hard work in a matter of seconds.


2. Be Safe

There are a lot of scammers on the internet, so we can’t stress how important it is to do a little research on who you’re selling your miles to. Just to put your mind at ease Google the company before selling them your airline miles. Customers add feedback on numerous platforms and all of those reviews will pop when you Google the mileage company.

3. How To Sell ANA Airline Miles

Sell ANA Airline Miles
Selling airline miles is very easy, and it can be done from the luxury of your home. Once you’ve chosen your mileage broker these are the steps you’ll be required to take next. You’ll need to enter your contact details in the form. Don’t worry the mileage companies have a strict policy of protecting their clients privacy. After that enter the number of airline miles, airline and expiry date. You and your mileage broker will need to come to an agreement over the price of your airline miles (yes, they’re slightly negotiable). When both parties agree on a price, the seller is requested to transfer their miles to a different account. Once the transfer is done, the seller is paid his due on the same day.



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