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The Best Tips On Earning Air Miles and Reaping Mutual Benefits Through FFP Loyalty Programs

earning air miles
Exchanging or selling frequent flyer miles for cash basically means virtual trading your reward points online. The frequent flyer programs, or airline loyalty programs have been around the early 1970’s and the FFP concept of pretty much all the airline is straightforward, reward and preserve loyal passengers and then reap mutual benefits from the program. This is how you too can earn air miles and reap mutual benefits through FFP loyalty programs.


1. How Do Passengers Earn Air Miles?

Earn Air Miles
Airline passengers earn frequent flyer miles, or air miles through booking flights and exchange the reward points to book later flights as well. However, choosing the right airline to earn the benefit of the program is an art unto itself. There are different airline who have partnered with each other and their passengers can use those airline miles on all those airlines that come under the same umbrella. Another way to earn frequent flyer miles is through credit cards. A lot of credit cards offer large number of reward points during the sign up process and then later card holder can earn bonus reward points as well. Again, the entire process includes a lot of research and math.


2. How It Works

how it works
An example of how this works is, a passenger on a return flight from Dubai to London with Emirates would earn around 900 Skywards when he purchases the cheapest economy class airline ticket. When purchasing a premium economy ticket a passenger would earn 6,000 Skyward miles on the same flight. Airline ticket for the fully flexible business class would earn a passenger 11,400 on the same flight as well. So how does it work? To put it very simply, the basic rule of thumb is that air miles vary for passengers depending on the distance they travel and the travel class they choose.


3. Different Ways To Earn Frequent Flyer Miles

Earn Frequent Flyer Miles
As said before it is not possible for most passengers to earn a large chunk of frequent flyer miles by just traveling and buying airline tickets. There are some who are experts at collecting frequent flyer miles and literally travel in first class for less than half the price. One of the craziest ways to earn air miles is getting 20,000 Emirates Skywards miles with a 1 year subscription of the iconic Wall Street Journal. If that doesn’t take you surprise, then maybe the next option will. Frequent flyer members can earn two Etihad Guest miles for spending $1 on buying glasses (or just the frame) from Al Jaber Opticals. Is your head spinning yet? The point we’re trying to make is that the web is far bigger than what we perceive. It is not only the members who are reaping the benefits, but the companies as well because you as customers spend your hard earned money on their products. There are so many ways you can earn frequent flyer miles, and in order to find them, it would be helpful if you could hire a help of a broker who participates in loyalty programs.


4. Frequent Flyers Should Take Note

Frequent Flyers
We highly recommend frequent travelers to become frequent flyer members, because the higher the membership status the bigger the rewards. Members can access private airline lounges at airports, and earn more miles every time they fly.



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