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Our Picks Of The Best Reward Credit Cards For 2018

Travel credit cards have gotten very popular in the last few days, especially amongst travel enthusiasts. Similar to cash back credit cards, the ultimate travel credit cards give some sort of incentive for every purchase that is made. It’s certainly a brilliant idea- earning free travel in exchange for shopping. There are so many credit cards out now, and all of them offer different deals. They have been designed to cater to different people and different lifestyles. We’re listing the best reward credit cards for 2018, so you have an easier time picking the one that fits your lifestyle. Mastering the art of restraint is one of the first things you have to learn before choosing a reward card. When the airline miles start racking up the addiction heightens, making you want to earn more.

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1. Chase AARP Visa

Don’t worry you don’t need to be a member of AARP to take advantage of the best rewards credit card, so this title of the card shouldn’t scare you. This reward credit card is ideal for an avid foodie as it provides cardholders the opportunity to earn unlimited 3% cash back on restaurant and gas stations. On everything else, you can earn around 1% cash back. What makes the credit card even better is that there is no annual fee.

2. Discover It Cashback Match

This card is a winner because of its 5% cash back categories, no annual fees, a manageable APR and incredible bonus offers. Discover It Cashback has also made it on our list because of its first year bonus, which is the ability to earn cash back dollar for dollar for the first year.

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3. American Express Blue Cash Preferred

Those who are not into traveling may think there’s nothing in this list of best reward credit cards for 2018, but fortunately, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred high rewards for purchasing household items and no travel needed to rack up some points.

4. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard

This card is great because it gets 2x more points on all purchases (compared to Chase Sapphire Preferred Card which gives 2x the points on just traveling and dining). Also, another great benefit is that cardholders get 5% redemption bonus every single time they cash in their rewards card. Last but not the least cardholders also have access to World Elite Mastercard travel benefits which include concierge service, upgrades, and massive discounts.

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5. Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card by Amex

A lot of the points one can earn with the best reward credit cards 2018 are still not worth much when it comes down to it. However, if you pick the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card the Starpoints that you’ll earn are worth more than the average. You can easily earn up to 2.4 cents per point, which is a lot compared to all the other cards. Also, you’ll have the privilege of earning more rewards with fewer points, and even less spending.



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