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Learn Insider Tips for getting the best value for your airline miles

frequent flyer miles

Frequent flyer miles have become extremely popular in the States. They’re so popular that most Americans have signed up to at least two loyalty programs just to earn as many miles as possible. Why is there an increased interest in frequent flyer miles? Well, basically in the last decade or so the world has changed a lot. A lot of different types of jobs have sprung up because of the internet. Jobs like blogging and vlogging give readers and viewers a glimpse into someone’s life. When a travel influencer shows a certain part of the world, chances are there are going to be thousands who would like to plan a similar trip.

To put it simply there has been an increase interest in traveling and the more you travel the more frequent flyer miles you collect. Frequent flyer miles are also a reason that there has been an increase influx in traveling. People love getting upgrades or discounts on their tickets.

The downside to collecting frequent flyer miles is that a lot of people don’t know how to use them to their full potential. Not only can you get a discount or an upgrade, but if used smartly they can also be used to earn some money. If you’re hoping to get the best out of your miles below are some tips for getting the best value for your Airline miles.


1. Selling Miles

Selling Miles

Selling miles is a great option for those who do not foresee themselves using them in the near future. Rather than letting them go to waste it is better to sell them to eager buyers who can put the miles to better use. People get great value for their frequent flyer miles through internet brokers who are trained professionals in this business. These professionals are reliable and always aim in providing the best deals for clients on both end of the spectrum.


2. Reap The Benefits Of Top Flyer Alliance

A lot of the major airlines in the world have frequent flyer partnerships with each other. This is one of the best things that could happen to a traveller because it’ll be easier to earn miles from the same program while traveling on different airlines. Keep in the mind that the airline has to be part of the alliance for you to earn miles.


3. Sign Up For Credit Cards That Are Co-Branded

Sign Up For Credit Cards

There are so many credit cards that are co –branded. Again, this will make it easier for the user to earn reward points from the same account by using different credit cards. Credit cards such as Citibank-American, AAdavantage, and First USA- United Mileage Plus give a mile in exchange for every dollar that is spent.

Business class travelers love using co-branded credit cards because they’re a quick and easy way to earn more mileage. They later use the points that are earned towards a business class ticket. Who doesn’t love a little discount for traveling in luxury?



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