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How To Sell Miles For Cash In Time For New Year

Making some extra cash in time for New Year is everyone’s dream, right? The money can be used towards a much wanted holiday, a designer bag or a grand night out on New Year’s Eve. What makes the deal even sweeter is that you don’t have to work overtime, or get an extra job to earn the money. Don’t worry you don’t have to host a garage sale either. The entire process can be done from the luxury of your home. This is what I have personally done last year when I wanted to sell my miles for cash.

1. Why Should I Sell My Miles

Selling airline miles has become very popular in the last couple of year because people end up making thousands of dollars. The last time I sold my miles for cash was when I had a lot of airline miles saved up and didn’t have the intention of using them anytime soon. They were just sitting there and a lot of them were nearing their expiration date. Since I didn’t have any travel plans I decided to sell my miles for cash.

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A lot of business travelers have been known to sell their miles for cash. This is because they travel a lot, and their airline tickets are already paid for by corporate companies. The airline miles that they keep racking up are a means of making some extra cash. Some have been known to earn up to $ 10,000. Now, that’s a lot of cash and it can easily be used towards something that you have been saving up for.

A survey taken last year showed two-thirds of Americans earn airline miles and points for travel. The same survey also showed that 25% Americans let their airline miles go unused. So my point is, rather than letting airline miles go to waste, make some extra cash in time for New Year.

2. Where To Sell Airline Miles For Cash

Some people are naïve enough to sell airline miles on eBay or Craigslist. Selling them to strangers is risky and foolish. First of all, you don’t know who the buyer is or the persons buying a policy. Lastly, the buyers on such sites will not pay as much as mileage brokers.

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Whenever I want to sell my miles for cash, I seek the help of mileage brokers. They are trained middlemen who can sell your miles and avoid consequences attached to selling them. There are many trusted mileage brokers who will be more than ready to sell your miles for you.

3. The Most Important Thing To Remember

Before I sold my miles the first thing I did was go through the terms and conditions. Since it was my first time selling airline miles I wanted to make sure I was using a trusted mileage broker. Also, I needed to know my rights as a seller in case something went wrong. So before taking the plunge and selling airline miles for cash go through all the legal documents on the website.



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