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How To Sell KLM Airline Miles

Business class travelers sell unwanted KLM airline miles to make some extra money. The reasons for selling them vary from person to person, but at the end of the day, they all make some easy cash. Some business class travelers use KLM airline for work and thus collect a lot of airline miles while the company pays for the airline tickets. Others may have lived near a KLM hub and have recently moved. Since the move, other airlines might be more feasible. Rather than letting KLM miles expire, a more profitable option is to sell KLM airline miles instead.

1. How To Make Some Extra Money By Selling KLM Miles

Rather than letting airline miles expire and go to waste, a more feasible option is to sell them instead. Airlines don’t want their miles back, and neither do credit card companies, so who do you sell them off to? Some seller on Craigslist or eBay, we certainly hope not. For one there are a lot of scammers on both these platforms when it comes to airline miles, and secondly, even if you do find a viable option he won’t pay you as much as a mileage broker.

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The easiest way to make some extra money is to sell KLM airline miles to mileage brokers. They’re trained professionals who have been working in this industry for a decade. These agencies know how to handle the fragility that comes with selling and buying airline miles.

2. Is Selling KLM Miles Against The Law?

Selling airline miles to a third party such as a mileage broker is not against the law anywhere in the United States except Utah. So by selling your airline miles to make some easy money, you won’t be going against the law. Also, it is worth noting that mileage agencies know how to follow all the rules and regulations that stop them from sidestepping airline rules and regulations. Simply put, they follow the letter of the law and have created their own niche in the airline miles industry.

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3. How Will I Get Paid?

This depends on the company or mileage agency you sell your miles to. Everyone has their own time and mode of payment. Some choose to pay through PayPal and take up to 24 hours to make the payment. Others use bank transfer and take only an hour.

4. Read Terms And Conditions

Before selling KLM miles or any airline miles for that matter be sure to read up on the company’s terms and conditions. As a seller, you should know what benefits you and what doesn’t. By reading the terms and conditions you’ll also seem profession (or prepared) when you’re dealing with a mileage broker.

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5. How To Sell KLM Airline Miles

In order to sell KLM airline miles, you’ll need to enter the number of airline miles and the loyalty program. Secondly, you’ll also need to enter your personal information and bank details. Some mileage brokers let their customers barter on the price and others don’t. Once the agreement is made, the airline miles are transferred and the payment is wired through.



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