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How To Sell Cathay Pacific Airline Miles

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong’s flag carrier and In the last couple of years Cathay Pacific has soared its way into the top Asian Airlines list. It has ticked all the right boxes when it comes to providing better services, ticket prices, and frequent flyer programs. Since its rise in popularity, the airline’s frequent flyer miles are now in high demand. If you have some of the airlines’ frequent flyer miles in your airline mile account, then this is the best time to sell Cathay Pacific airline miles. We only recommend selling the miles if you’re not planning on using them in the near future.

1. Why Sell Cathay Pacific Airline Miles

Selling Cathay Pacific airline miles is an excellent idea if you’re not saving up for a reward seat. You can sell the airline miles for a decent sum of money, and you can do this in the luxury of your own home. In short you’ll be earning some extra cash without working for it.

2. Why Cathay Pacific Airline Miles Are Good Value For Money

The airlines’ frequent flyer miles are great value for money, because it is part of oneworld alliance. Being part of oneworld alliance brings a lot of value to its frequent flyer program because; the alliance has more than twenty partner airlines under its umbrella. What that means is that you can use the Cathay Pacific airline miles to secure a reward seat on another partnering airline. This is one of the reasons frequent flyer members are always willing to buy Cathay Pacific airline miles from mileage brokers. Purchasing from a mileage broker gives them the ability to get the exact number of points they need to secure the much coveted reward seat.

If there is a niche in the market for buying Cathay Pacific airline miles, then there is demand for selling them as well. The seller is not only earning easy money, but is also helping someone else earn a cheap business class ticket.

3. How To Sell Cathay Pacific Airline Miles

The process of selling Cathay Pacific airline miles is relatively easy. Not a lot of effort is involved in the process, because the mileage broker will be doing most of the heavy lifting. Most mileage brokers offer free quotes on their websites, so you can shop around for the one that offers the best price. The second step is to enter all your personal information into the provided form.

You’ll also be asked the number of airline miles you currently have, expiry date, and frequent flyer program. Once all the information is entered, you’ll be required to transfer your miles to a third party airline mile account. You needn’t worry about breach of privacy or coming under the airlines radar. The mileage brokers are professionals who have perfected the art of subtlety.

Once the transfer of the airline miles have been made you’ll be made instantly. Some mileage brokers pay instantly and some do it after a couple of hours. Rest assured, the payment is made on the same day via PayPal or bank transfer.



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