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How To Get Cash For Credit Card Points

Credit cards have become a part of our daily lives. Most people have up to three credit cards which they use simultaneously. The urge to sign up for credit cards has a lot to do with different perks such as cash back, discounts and frequent flyer miles. Travel credit cards play an integral part in collecting airline miles because they’re used in our day to day life. If you’re someone who tends to earn a lot of credit card points and you’re in no mood to use the perks, why not sell and earn some cash for credit card points.

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1. Cash Is Always King

At the end of the day, everyone wants to make more money way or the other. A lot of business travelers (who earn a lot) sell their frequent flyer miles to earn some extra cash. By selling their airline miles they make up to $4,000 in one go. If they’re keen on making extra money, why aren’t you?

Research conducted by ABC News show that 25% of American’s don’t redeem their credit points or perks. Cardholders need to understand that credit card points have value to them. They can easily be sold on the grey market to earn some extra cash.

2. Why Should I Get Cash For Credit Card Points

Well, for starters there a few credit cards that give users the option to convert their points into airline miles. Obviously not every credit card gives this option, and neither do they automatically convert to any desired airline miles. Different credit cards have different partners from the world of travel. They have partnered with hotels, airlines and car rentals.

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Partners tend to vary from one credit card to the other, and so do their perks. At the end of the day, those cards that can be converted or transferred to airline mile accounts are more popular. Their popularity makes them valuable. Some can’t earn enough credit card points in the desired time and have to resort to buying credit card points.

If frequent flyers are ready to buy credit card points, then that makes your credit card point’s hot commodity. You can’t sell them on eBay, even though there is a chance you’ll sell them quickly. It’s safer taking the professional route and selling them to mileage brokers.

3. How To Make Cash In Exchange For Credit Card Points

Find a trustworthy mileage broker to sell your credit card points to. A lot of companies give their potential customers free quotes, and you can happily avail the option. Once the decision is made, you’ll be required to enter the given form with your personal information, the name of the program, number of points and any additional question you might have.

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Agent on the other end will verify your points, which takes a couple of hours. The mileage broker or agent will send you a quote and the steps to finalize the deal. The payment will be made either to your bank account or through Paypal.



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