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All The Questions You Ever Asked Yourself On Why You Should Sell Your Miles

Have you been sitting there and wondering what to do with the massive amount frequent flyer miles you have sitting in your account? You’re not traveling any time soon, no one in your family needs it, and they’re just sitting there collecting dust. I sound like a sales pitcher that you see on late night ads. Well, I am going to pitch an amazing idea to you, so I guess I might as well be a sales pitcher at this point. The advice I am about to give to you is what I have given to countless friends and family members.


1. Why Selling Your Miles Can Come in Handy

All of us want make extra cash, right? So why not sell the miles that you don’t want? This is an ideal way to use your miles- that is if you’re not planning on using them for traveling. A friend of mine took my advice because she didn’t see any value in holding on to the frequent flyer miles praying for the day she might put them to good use. She got in touch with a mileage broker, who managed to make profit for her. She was so happy at the gamble that she took. I smiled knowingly when she told me, and told her this is what you get when you have a travel expert for a friend. It’s a great way to make an extra buck without any hard work.


2. Sell Your Miles through A Reliable Broker

If you’re getting money in exchange for your frequent flyer miles that means that they are worth something. You don’t put an expensive item in the hands of someone you don’t know. Before committing to a certain mileage broker, make sure that that the company he represents is reputable. I recommend that you do a bit of research, go online and read reviews on companies. Also, read up on the process of selling and buying miles as well.

You can easily get a free quote on some of the prestigious mileage websites for free. Once you have an idea how much your points are worth you’ll have an easier time going through the remaining process. After deciding on a mileage broker, you’ll need to give your personal information and the number of points that you have. The broker will do two things. He will either redeem your points for an airline ticket or sell that ticket to someone else, or he will sell your points to a seller. Either way you’re the one making the money. Once you sell your frequent flyer miles, the mileage broker will transfer money to your account and you’ll be expected to transfer your reward points from your loyalty account.


3. Is This A Gamble?

Is selling your frequent flyer miles a gamble? The truth is if you find a reliable broker you’re safe. The payment is guaranteed even if the airline closes your account. Selling and buying miles is not illegal by any means so it’s not something to worry about.



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