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A Guide To Help You Choose Cash Back Or A Miles Credit Card. Which Is Best For You?

A lot of people who are interested in signing up for a new credit card often get confused between choosing cash back or miles credit card. Which is best for you? The answer to this lengthy debate depends on who you are as a person and your lifestyle choices. However, there are some important things to take into consideration before you choose either of the two. Cash back and reward points both have their own benefits and flaws.

1. Travel Reward

Only those have reaped the benefits of travel reward know how extremely fulfilling it must it is, especially since it allows you to do things that you have never done before. A lot of the popular travel rewards offer massive bonuses and rewards because they partner up with a lot of big hotel chains, airlines and brands.

What makes them even better is that travel reward is the only reward program that gives more value per dollar than other types of rewards. There will (and have) been times when card holders get the opportunity to earn three or four cents per point. This rate per dollar is extremely high, especially when you compare it to cash back per dollar. If this is not enough you will get even higher perks and rewards once you’ve checked into a hotel, car rental or airline.

In order to take as much advantage as possible you will need to pick a credit card that will give you the best option. There are so many credit cards in the market right now that don’t have any blackout dates. Yes, it is not easy to find a credit card that suits your lifestyle, but with a little research it is possible. Once you do find that card you’ll love how quick and easy it is to earn and spend your travel rewards. If you’re traveling with a group or if you’re looking for rates for shorter flights, you find yourself struggling to find something.

2. Cash Back

Even though we’re big fans of travel reward versus cash back, we’re still the first to admit that cash back its benefits as well. This is a great option when you’re not a traveller or do not tend to shop from one particular shop. A lot of the cash back credit cards are free, while on the other hand travel reward cards are known for their high annual fees. However, the cash back is very basic and will probably give you 1 cent per 1 reward point.

Another perk of cash back credit card is that cash back points don’t normally lose their value, and they don’t tend to expire on most programs. You can always save them in order to get larger amounts of money to pay off your bills

In the end it always depends on what you want most from your credit card. Do you prefer experiences or money to pay off your bills? There are endless options out there. There is a card that will suit everyone.



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