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A Guide On Selling Frequenter Points

selling frequenter miles
We love collecting points, but we love selling our frequenter miles even more. Why? Well, for starters it’s easy money. We’ve been lucky to earn around $1,000 by selling 100,000 points to mileage brokers. It’s a fail safe way to earn some extra cash without leaving the comfort of your home. Sometimes, rather than collecting frequenter points for a trip, it’s exciting to save points for extra cash. If you’re unsure on selling frequenter miles, you needn’t fear because we have your back.

1. How To Start The Process Of Selling Frequenter Points

Selling frequenter points is really easy, and one of the fastest ways to make extra cash. You can sell your frequenter points to a mileage broker, which is also known as an airline buying company. Points can be sold through a coupon as well. In order to sell the points, you’ll be required to enter your contact details.

A lot of people are unsure about the value of their miles. Most mileage companies have a free mileage or point’s calculator on their home page. Just enter the number of points currently in your airline account, and then leave the rest to the calculator. In order to get the best price for your points you can check their value on different mileage websites. We recommend that you choose the company that provides the best value for your miles.

2. How To Sell Your Points

Most mileage companies boldly state the minimum number of points you need to have before you can sell them. The minimum varies depending on the mileage company. There are some who are willing to buy as low as 10,000 points. Now, that’s easy money.

To get the ball rolling, enter your contact details, airline loyalty program and the expiration date of your points. When you have entered the desired fields wait for the mileage broker to respond. When the mileage broker gets in touch with you, you’ll be asked to give the asking price for your points. All you need to do is enter the amount you feel is justified.

Once both parties finally reach a price that is within the expected amount, the mileage company will then buy your frequenter points from you. They’ll transfer the money in to your account on the very same day. Before the transaction of payment is made, you’ll be required to transfer your points into their account.

3. Is Selling Frequenter Points Safe?

Transaction of any kind is risky on the internet. However, mileage brokers have been doing business for a number of years now and are extremely popular. Their popularity is largely because of their timely payments and also because they give good value for frequenter points. Selling frequenter points is not illegal in any state except Utah, so you’re not doing anything illegal. Mileage brokers have terms and conditions that clearly state that their customers personal information will never be released to any third party. So you needn’t fear your personal information getting in to the wrong hands.



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